World of Tanks is About to Get More Realistic and Destructive

World of Tanks – the free-to-play (or pay to win may be?) game by Wargaming is set to become increasingly more complex and realistic as 2014 moves forward. This armored vehicular warfare game already tries to make combat as realistic as possible by simulating things like Tank armor and shell penetration in a manner that compliments their real life counterparts.

This video by the developers explains all the upcoming changes. You can expect things like flipping tanks, more explosions and flying turrets.

The implementation of Havok and changes with the game’s engine will allow a lot more realistic destruction. Buildings will break apart differently, depending on the way they are attacked and the game will now be able to identify the different materials that each building is made of. Wooden ones will break down into wooden rubble and the concrete ones will be mortared to concrete rubble.

Some of the major changes are listed below:

  • Destroyable detachable turrets – Current tank turrets aren’t a different object from the rest of tank. It’s all one object. Now, the turrets will be treated as different objects and it will be possible to destroy them. Even though the current tests show them flying away in hilarious ways, the developer promises that this will be fixed.
  • Realistic Tank Movement and Treads
  • Objects like cars and trucks will no longer be static obstacles and it will be possible to move them around and to create new cover.
  • Improved physics for everything to make it more realistic and less “gamey”

The changes are both on the client and server side, so disabling the multi core feature will still display you the changes. All of these changes are planned to be implemented this year – but don’t expect it all to change immediately!

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