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War of the Vikings Gets Another Huge 10Gb “Last Update”

Dammit, War of the Vikings, this tendency of yours to prompt gigantic updates really isn’t cool. Anyway, that’s the perfect opportunity to tell you that there’s another “last update” to get from the Early Access brawler on Steam.

Admittedly, the multiplayer fighter with manly beards does once more add a ton of content in the patch. This will, however, wipe progress.

In its stead, the level cap has now been removed, so you can start fresh and climb ever further. To complement that, the unlock system gets a redesign and now no longer gets tied to a specific class.

Creative people can make use of the Shield Paint Editor to show their colors. This comes with new cameras and animations for the loadout editor.

Items for customization are filling up the roster. Similar things are true for the new perks called Feign Death, Niding, Strong Will, Gloater and Blade Master. Even more content is due at full release.

All previously shown maps are now in the servers’ rotations. You’ll also be able to auto-join a squad.

As a neat nod towards the humblest of users, a “Very Low” graphics setting included in the patch. This option disables all lighting, resulting in less performance impact on your rig.

War of the Vikings

Again, this download will set you back roughly 10Gb. That’s a big chunk. Over a month ago, the developer also prompted an update of 13Gb that added loadouts and a renown system.

Battlefield veteran Gordon Van Dyke, whose name is lovingly censored in the patch notes, will host a livestream for War of the Vikings today at 20.00 CET. They’ll discuss various things, such as the release date for the game.