Ubisoft Trademarks Catz and Dogz

If you were thinking that Ubisoft is done with their pets title, think again. The studio has just filed a new trademark for Catz and Dogz.

The first game in the franchise called ‘Dogz and Catz’ was released in 1995 and recent release ‘Petz Puppyz & Kittenz’ was released in 2011. That leaves us with almost 3 years without any Dogz and Catz game.

Dogz and Catz is about adopting a cat or a dog at an adoption center while they are young and helping them grow into adult petz and then using their breeding ability to breed new puppys or kittens. The game also featured cross-breeding which let you create mixed breed pets.

The game also featured Pigz and Bunnyz. The players had the option of sharing their petz with anyone who plays the game with an email, and the game allowed the players to import their petz from the previous versions to the newer versions of the game.

If you enjoy keeping pets in real life, than you would surely like to get your hands on this game. We just hope that Ubisoft announce the game officially sooner rather than later.

Source: TSDR