Twitch Mobile Gets 10M Downloads – Mobile SDK for Streaming Announced

Twitch gets more news this month. After receiving a ton of coverage following the ground-breaking success of “Twitch Plays Pokemon” and the restarting of that by Twitch playing Pokemon again, Twitch is astounding many by even more good news.

The Twitch application for mobile devices – on the iOS and Android platforms recently has hit 10 million installs.

Following this , Twitch made an exciting announcement. For all those of you who wanted to stream Mobile games, but didn’t have a platform to do so, Twitch mobile is the answer to your problems!
Twitch mobile will allow the capture and streaming of mobile videos and audio – using the on-board audio and the microphone for the audio and the front-facing camera for video capture (that can’t be good, can it?)

Video archiving is immediate and there is a robust list of chat options.

This news is pretty big for all you mobile gamers out there who feel unappreciated. Users can finally stream videos for hardcore mobile games which allow plenty of effort like the famous Clash of Clans or the extremely popular Infinity blade. While this may mean that a whole new venue is going to be opening up for mobile games and might even encourage some of the more hardcore gamers among us to give mobile games a try, it might also encourage Twitch to be bombarded by people displaying their angry birds or (God forbid) Candy Crush Saga sessions.

On the bright side, we might get some interesting views by people showcasing popular mobile games like Temple Run by terrifyingly unrealistic runs.

The mobile announcement comes not much longer after Twitch set a date for its app appearing on the Xbox One (the 11th of March). Saying “Xbox Broadcast” will immediately set it to Twitch Broadcasting – although it may induce some hilariously inappropriate situations.

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