The Guided Fate Cross Thesis Gets Debut Trailer – Slated for July 24 Release

Nippon Ichi Software has released the debut trailer for The Guided Fate Cross Thesis during a Famitsu Live broadcast today.

This will be a PlayStation 3 sequel to The Guided Fate Paradox and will be due for release on July 24 in Japan. The standard edition of the game will be priced at 6,800 yen, the download one at 5,714 yen and the limited edition at 8,800 yen. The limited edition for The Guided Fate Cross Thesis includes an “Original Soundtrack CD” and  an “Art Book.” The soundtrack CD includes the game’s background music, as well as vocals from its dual heroines (Asami Imai and Yumi Hara).

The story revolves around a young boy who becomes a god by adapting to the Fate Awakening Crystal. He finds himself cast into battle and must be confronted with a choice in which he can save only one of his two close lady friends.

The Guided Fate Cross Thesis will feature a full 3d top view, a toon shader and super deformed characters. The game’s foundation of random dungeons remains unchanged and players can pick up items or other equipment in them. The upgrade system is closely interlinked to the game’s “ultimate choice” theme and will have an equipment system simpler to use than the first installment.