Sotaro Tojima is Responsible For Halo 5 Music

Recently the Instagram page of Xbox shared an image of 343 Industries studio where Sotaro Tojima was doing what he does best: making music.

The image was also tweeted by Xbox Jobs Twitter profile where they again confirmed that the musician who is famed for directing the Halo 4 music is working on Halo 5 music as well.

This gives rise to another question. What should the Halo 5 music sound like? Should it be a full on dubstep or something a bit more orchestral? Should it retain some of the classical themes of Halo series or should they be revamping everything for the next generation game?

In the past, Halo 4 music was led by Sotaro Tojima as the audio director while Neil Davidge worked as the composer largely. So far no word has been provided to clarify whether Davidge will be returning to 343 Industries for Halo 5 music or not.

Looking at the game at hand, there are going to be Promethians and Forerunners in the game, setting the tone towards something more on the lines of dubstep. However, is that what people would want? Would you want something befitting the image of the Halo series?

In Halo 4, the music had gotten varying responses; there were people who didn’t think it felt like Halo (though ‘Never Forget’ did get accolades from everyone), and then there were people who thought it was totally awesome.

Revival, 117, Nemesis, Mantis, and To Galaxy were some other tracks that people have loved in general.

What do you want Halo 5 music to sound like? Should the music be similar to what we have been hearing in the past or not, and why?