Project Spark has Brightness/Contrast Issues on Xbox One

Project Spark is currently in beta on the Xbox One and seemingly has brightness issues.

Beta participants have been posting on the game’s forums all day yesterday, reporting that the beta launches in so less contrast that it’s hard to see anything on the screen.

“I loaded up the beta last night and…so much black,” wrote player Spartacus073. “It is like someone turned up the contrast and moved the brightness down as far as it can go. Even after I adjusted the brightness of the world the blacks were overpowering. Hopefully the option to control how much shadow/black is added because as it stands it is unbearable.”

Developer SparkCarter was quick to respond and said that the numerous reports of the issue have been forwarded to the “top men.” He though didn’t promise any sort of time frame in which to expect a fix.

Project Spark has already gone through its PC beta. Microsoft’s forthcoming title allows users to create their own games and then share them across multiple users to play through. During the PC beta players re-created the opening of Lionhead’s Fable. Project Spark will make use of both Kinect and SmartGlass on Xbox One.

It will be released fully for PC and Xbox One later this year while an Xbox 360 version is also planned for some future date.