New Freedom Wars Trailer Reveals New Characters

New trailer for Freedom Wars has been released, which shows two new characters that will be appearing in the game. Sony Computer Entertainment with collaboration of Shifts and Dimps is developing Freedom Wars for the PlayStation Vita.

One of the two new characters introduced in the trailer is a very mysterious Beatrice “Lily” Anastasi, who will be voiced by Eriko Nakamura, she will be saved by the game’s protagonist, and then they will form a bond together to act as criminals.

Second character introduced in the trailer is Abel “Strafe” Barth, who will be voiced by Junichi Suwabe, he is supposed to be the biggest criminal in the game and will be the best member of the Horai Party who are considered to be the biggest rivals of the protagonist’s party. So we can expect an incredible face-off with the character.

The trailer also shows the previous characters like Natalia “9” Woo, Uwe “Sakamoto” Cabrera and Mattias “Leo Bruno. All three of the characters details are as follows:

Natalia “9” Woo
The captain of the 35th Social Security Group of the Investigation Committee, and she believes that everyone should act according to the law.

He is a courageous veteran and always wants to contribute to the society of PT.

Mattias Leo Bruno
He is relatively new to the crime world but he and the protagonist of the game are at same mental level, he helps the protagonist as much as it can with his advice.

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