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Pokemon and Zelda Getting the Monopoly Treatment This September

Two Classic game franchises are getting ports – this time to the monopoly board. The Family Game that everyone loves – Monopoly is getting both Pokemon and Zelda themes this September.

The Monopoly treatment of these games may include some really deft collectible miniatures or probably have themed currencies like the Zelda Rupees. Pokemon – the acclaimed franchise that has transpired several generations in the form of television shows, trading cards and video games already has had two games in the past. However, it’s been some time since the last one got released and considering the rate with which the Pocket Monsters get updated – both of those are hopelessly outdated.

Surprisingly, however, the Pokemon game is supposed to be set in the Kanto region – a huge step back from the newer – more fancier generations.

Satoru Iwata stated about the matter that Nintendo is excited to allow its characters to branch out. This comes as a pleasant surprise as Nintendo is often known for its isolation and refusal to move over to other genres.

An Advent risk taking move by Nintendo, who usually doesn’t do this kind of stuff. What might come as a surprise to most of you is that Nintendo actually used to be a playing card manufacturing company – the move to accommodate board games by integrating them with already popular franchises seems like a natural move for Nintendo. It’s something that Nintendo can – and should do more often.

The Monopoly games will hit the shelves this fall priced at $45.00 each.