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MGS5: Ground Zeroes Will Bring Interest Back to High End Games, Says Kojima

Hideo Kojima is undoubtedly an industry veteran, the mere fact that he runs alongside a vision is enough to earn him respect on top of his work.

Recently he was interviewed by GamesTM Magazine to talk about MGS5: Ground Zeroes where he discussed how young people were losing interest in high end games in favor of social and mobile gaming.

His plan of action in response to the changing trend will be seen very soon in the shape of MGS5: Ground Zeroes. He believes that that this game will make sure people know that Japanese high end games still have a future and that they are still worth playing. Looks like Kojima has been really unhappy with the Facebook app based games!

Anyhow, he went on to defend, or I should rather say, elaborately discuss how and why MGS5: Ground Zeroes’ length came to be what it is. It is already clear that Ground Zeroes is a mere preamble or tutorial for The Phantom Pain, but what he added to the information is that the decision to make Ground Zeroes the way it is has been a result of end user feedback.

“I’ll be honest, [splitting MGS5 up] wasn’t necessarily a strategic move. The Phantom Pain is roughly 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes. A game that big wouldn’t be ready for next-gen launch windows, and we didn’t have any Japanese titles that would be available. At that time, the Ground Zeroes portion was almost complete and a lot of fans were asking for a prologue, so that’s the decision we came to. That was the reasoning behind the move.”

So, The Phantom Pain is 200 times bigger than MGS5: Ground Zeroes, what do you have to say about that!