MapleStory Anime Free To Watch On Youtube

Publisher Nexon Europe has started releasing the MapleStory Anime series on Youtube for free. This sort of localized version will give people outside of Asia a chance to see its tale.

There will be 26 episodes, where the most recognizable characters from the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game will be animated. It’s set on Victory Island, where the Zekta Monsters need to be taken out to protect the World Tree.

Episodes will remain in their Korean narration, but the MapleStory Europe channel does provide both English and Dutch subtitles. No idea why the Dutch are this peculiar about their language. I thought the Americanized culture was pretty prevalent in the Benelux region.

Anyway, MapleStory Anime comes from the hands of Madhouse Studios. This production group has appeared in pretty much most anime series you’ve ever watched.

Some of the names on their list of accolades include Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, Death Note and the Beyblade series. They’ve been running shows since the seventies, so there are many more titles where that came from.

As is customary, Nexon is using the news to host several events in-game to coincide with the MapleStory Anime release. You’ll be able to collect specially designed items and characters that appear in the show.

It’s taken quite a bit of time for MapleStory Anime to reach overseas. It started airing in 2007.

This is about the same time that the free-to-play consolidated its global success, as Europe only started playing MapleStory in 2007 as well. Prior to that; the original release dates back to 2003, with a North American release following in 2005.