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Infamous: Second Son Details Shared by Dev, No You Won’t See Him Without a Beanie

Sucker Punch Productions’ top of the list action adventure game, Infamous: Second Son is going to take the markets by storm later this month. While there is still a couple of weeks before we get our hands on it, the devs are being generous enough to keep us busy with new tidbits on the game trickling down every now and then.

Jason Stansell, the lead animator for Infamous: Second Son took to Twitter and Facebook to bring new information on the game to us. To start off, he trashed the rumor that Delsin Rowe of Second Son or any other character in the game would be related to Cole McGrath of the original Infamous.

He insisted that Delsin is a new character, with a new story and new powers.

From there, he went on to detail how our choices will have an impact on how Delsin behaves, looks and treads in his life as well as the game’s trick situations.

The way you choose to play the game, be it heroic or ruthless, will absolutely impact Delsin. Not only in his appearance, and demeanor, but also in how his powers develop and how you play the game minute-to-minute.

You’ll definitely want to play the game twice. We wanted Delsin to look like a ‘regular’ guy, but still express himself as an artist.

The punk rock look helped him not look like an average joe and played well with his artsy vibe. Also, it’s usually cold and wet here in seattle, so that’s why he’s all layered up to stay warm. The emblem is DYI screen printing he did himself.

There is more, someone asked whether we could hope to see Delsin without the ‘infamous’ beanie, but the reply from Stansell was unexpectedly high on, what could I say, emotions. He says that Seattleites love beanies, and even some of their devs don’t leave their homes without it. Wow, such love.

Anyhow, read up on what else he had to share about Infamous: Second Son and let us know how it helped in raising your expectation even more.