Dragon Fin Soup JRPG Fairy Tale Roguelike Looks To Steam

Steam Greenlight projects are a dime a dozen, but Dragon Fin Soup’s pitch is pretty catchy at least. This PC title invokes a theme known from Japanese roleplaying games (JRPG) and builds it into a fairy tale universe with plenty of auxiliary designs.

It will use both fully rendered characters and pixel art, viewed from an isometric position. This comes with a full day and night cycle, as well as many environment details, like vegetation, gusts of wind and so on.

There are many different environments, from forests to caves and deserts. Each has their distinct color palette.

There are two ways to play Dragon Fin Soup. In Story mode, you’ll focus more on the Red Riding Hood knockoff character and the exploration of the world, which comes with random missions and scripted events.

For a full-on roguelike experience, there is Survival mode. Here, procedurally generated dungeons and permadeath mechanisms offer players a drive to simply strive for the high score.

Additionally, Dragon Fin Soup will complement dungeon crawling with crafting items, but also fishing, gathering and obtaining pets.

One of the designs developer Grimm Bros is most confident about is the fluid turn-based design of combat that roguelike games use with tile grids. Grimm Bros’ Ash Monif stated:

Typically turn based games can be slow and discontinuous, however in Dragon Fin Soup movement, combat and controls have been streamlined to empower you to set your own pace.

We asked around about what they meant by that and their spokesperson replied with the following statement:

As opposed to a game like XOCM or Final Fantasy Tactics, where you take turns and then have to wait for the foes to take a turn, in Dragon Fin Soup the foes take their turn at the same time as the player.

You can run around and explore the world and all the foes will move at the same time and act, but if you stop, they will stop as well. If you attack a foe, he will attack as well without delay, but of course not exactly at the same time. Sometimes you hit the foe first, sometimes you get hit first; some foes are faster or slower than the hero. So while you walk one tile, they walk 2, but you can at every time stop your action and reflect on your situation because the combat is tactical.

Dragon Fin Soup reminds us a little of Rainbow Moon, which released last year on Playstation Network. They have similarly facilitated combat and visual styles. We liked the latter, so that’s reason enough to vote up Dragon Fin Soup on Steam Greenlight.