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The Division: New Screenshot Shows Rooftop Gun Fight

Ubisoft’s massive open-world tactical third-person survival shooter The Division is in full development with relatively few details made official. However that doesn’t mean that the developer won’t tease us with some pretty shots now and then to keep us hooked.

Earlier today, Ubisoft Massive posted a new in-game screenshot showing a soldier involved in a shoot out against two other characters on top of two buildings in a digitally recreated New York City. There isn’t much to look at in the shot except that The Division is living up to its promise of a beautiful environment.

Suffice to say the game is looking stunning and if we’re really lucky, this is probably from an alpha showcase. Hopefully we’ll get to see the game more in action in the coming months.

Ubisoft is hoping to release The Division by the end of the year. However, it seems the game has a larger chance to be pushed back into early 2015.

The Division was a surprise announcement by Ubisoft at E3 last year. It’s in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.