Battlefield 4 Final Stand and Dragon’s Teeth DLC Being Developed by DICE LA

DICE has announced that their Stockholm studio will be handing over the development of Battlefield 4 expansion packs to the DICE Los Angeles Studio after the Naval Strike DLC.

We stumbled upon a post on Reddit where someone from Battlelog said that after Battlefield 4 Naval Strike, the rest of the DLC content for Battlefield 4 will be developed by DICE LA.

DICE Stockholm has been the developing studio that had charge of everything being made for the game’s updates until now. The guy from Battlelog in question had said that “DICE Stockholm is doing Naval Strike, everything else will be done by DICE LA.”

The official word on the matter came in from an EA representative who has confirmed that:

DICE LA works closely with the DICE studio in Stockholm on Battlefield 4. Development of Battlefield 4 Second Assault was led by DICE LA and the studio will continue to lead on future expansion packs including Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth and Battlefield 4 Final Stand.

The DICE LA studio employs people that have previously worked for Danger Close, the studio that was behind Medal of Honor. I guess that would be a fair enough reason to expect something interesting.

The Stockholm studio is currently working on Star Wars: Battlefront and the next Mirror’s Edge – this could be the reason why they have had to call in DICE LA for Battlefield 4 Final Stand and Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth.