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Xbox One Beats PlayStation 4 Twitch Streaming Quality

Xbox One Twitch streaming features might have been delayed for quite some time, but it looks like the wait has been worth it. We have picked up word that the Twitch streaming quality is an area where Xbox One beats PlayStation 4.

According to the analysis of an Xbox One broadcast done by Larry Hryb also known as Major Nelson, the streaming specification of Microsoft’s console are 1280×720 running 30 frames per second at around 2.5 Mbps.

This information was analyzed out of Major Nelson’s Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare broadcast by Reddit users who compared it to PlayStation 4’s 960×540 running 30 frames per second at approximately 1.7 Mbps.

That is quite a noticeable difference in resolution which will get pointed out in the future but there are other features too. Xbox One Twitch app also offers broadcast archives. This is another area where the PlayStation 4 is slacking.

The Xbox One March update also comes out on 11th of this month and is expected to focus on the party features of the console.

The update is also expected to add a fix for the TV judder problem that the European users have been facing because Xbox One runs only at 60Hz and not 50Hz.

Other than this, the controller is expected to get a firmware update.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been battling for the crown ever since November last year and so far PlayStation 4 has outdone Microsoft’s console in terms of sales figures.

Albeit small, the Twitch streaming feature is important in both the consoles as quite a lot of us wish to use it for sharing their experiences.

We’ll know more about it when the official word on Xbox One’s Twitch streaming quality comes in.