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WWE Network Goes Live on Xbox 360 but Smacks Down Features

The official launch date of WWE Network was February 24 but the Xbox 360 users weren’t that lucky.

There was a long list of issues with the application that needed to be addressed but thankfully, they have been taken care of and users who wish to experience WWE content on their Xbox 360 can do so now.

On the flipside, the Xbox 360 version of WWE Network app isn’t really up to the scratch. Although it is now available, it requires you to download and install a 43 MB update that revamps the app and then lets you reach the content.

Even after that, quite a lot of the features that are available on other platforms are not available on the Xbox 360 version.

For starters, there is no search feature and not all of the on-demand content will be available. Moreover, you will also not be able to access the WCW or ECW pay per view events.

That is not it; the Xbox 360 version also has an irritatingly delayed livestream.

Xbox 360 version of WWE Network probably has just one edge over the versions that have been made for the other platforms; the icon where you select the year for viewing the corresponding content is comparatively bigger.

This version of the app has been talked about the most since WWE Network was originally announced; we just hope that all the promised features are made available to it as soon as possible.

Here’s a list of programs that the WWE Network is expected to bring to all the devices that will have a version of the app:

  • All 12 current WWE pay-per-view events – including WrestleMania
  • Live pay-per-view 30 minute pre- and post-shows
  • Monday Night Raw
  • Friday Night SmackDown
  • The Monday Night War
  • WrestleMania Rewind
  • WWE Countdown
  • WWE Legends House
  • WWE Superstars
  • Video on demand