Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse Gets Free Standalone Mod Kit

Developer 2Dawn Games has released a Ravaged Development Kit, simply abbreviated as RDK, for its multiplayer shooter Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse on Steam. This specifically modified version of the Unreal Development Kit comes as a standalone version and doesn’t require previous ownership of the program.

With RDK, people will be able to modify Ravaged in an extended amount of ways. It’s possible to create entire maps or just meshes, textures, animations and so on.

This brings back the modding element to the game with ties to the community. With the announcement, Ken Payne of 2Dawn Games stated:

Having come from the modding community ourselves, we feel passionate about giving the same opportunity to future Ravaged developers.

Originally, Ravaged was just a post-apocalyptic shooter in multiplayer only. It resembled the patchwork contraptions of Mad Max in pretty large levels fit for many players.

After initial disinterest, due to a rough launch period and some wacky controls, the game permanently slashed its price. Failing that effort, it later appended a singleplayer mode with a zombie theme.

In Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse, servers could allow for just one player to jump in. Other than its peers, this game mode alters endless survival into timed rounds where parts need to be collected amidst the zombie holocaust.

Previously, the studio had people who worked on shooters like the troubled Homefront from defunct house THQ.

There is a slight caveat that comes with the RDK launch. In a press release, it states:

Users will need to submit/relinquish all maps/mods to 2Dawn Games for potential inclusion into Ravaged.

When we recently went back to Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse, we were literally the only player in the world. That’s not hyperbole; there was literally just one person playing and that was the person looking at the screen.

Hopefully, these community tools will be the last hurrah needed for Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse to fill its giant levels.