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Peggle 2 Gets Free Multiplayer Update, 360 Version Dated

Those fortunate enough to own an Xbox One can now play Peggle 2 in duels, thanks to a free update that adds the multiplayer component to the casual game. It will require a bit more than 1.5Gb of space to download.

With the free addition, you’ll unlock four new options. In Smart Match, you go online to battle random opponents. Private Peg Party lets you team up and duel friends online. For just a two-player thing online, you can choose Private Duel. Finally, Local Duel even allows the game to be played on your couch with another person.

Fresh off this announcement, publisher EA has declared that the Xbox 360 version of Peggle 2 is due worldwide on May 7, 2014. This 360 portion of the game will also include the multiplayer duel modes.

In Peggle 2, you shoot a ball around and watch it destroy blocks. It’s a little like mixing the destruction aspect of Breakout with the level design of a pachinko machine. It’s also quite the time waster.

It looks like developer PopCap Games is still eager to service the Microsoft platform. John Vechey of PopCap stated:

With all the excitement from our fans in December at launch we knew we wanted to continue growing the Peggle universe starting with more content and then expand onto the Xbox 360.

It would be nice if the company returned to its casual roots on the PC. Microsoft owns that Windows thing that could run Peggle 2. We’re just saying; offices usually don’t hide Xbox One consoles all that easily.