Neverwinter MMO Revisits Icewind Dale – PvP Campaign And More Alterations Planned

There’s a third module coming to the free-to-play PC title Neverwinter that’s called Icewind Dale. Does that ring a bell? It should, because it’s one of the iconic landmarks in Dungeons & Dragons history, spawning some classic roleplaying games (RPG) in the past.

Now, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) adventure will add this location, which comes with several spots to explore and some lore to go with it. Players will mostly revolve around Caer-Konig, a small fishing town that serves as a central hub for the rest of the content.

Two new zones will become available, one being the Icewind Pass and the other being Dwarven Valley. Each will have within them content both for events and player versus player action.

One of the things driving the story forward in the Icewind Dale update of the MMO is the inclusion of Black Ice as a coveted resource. This mysterious material has factions butting heads, due to its powerful properties.

On one side, the Ten-Towers council seeks to monopolize their position on Black Ice, but an Arcane Brotherhood would like to tap from the resource’s power as well. As an impartial party, you’ll be able to take on quests for both ends.

Additionally, the game will throw in new enemy types, fitting to the icy theme. Things like yeti and crag cats will block your path. Moreover, a twisted Hammerstone Clan of dwarves and even a ear Tribe of the Reghed Barbarians may stand in your way.

Black Ice will also infuse a beholder for a new boss fight and heroic encounters will appear, ranging from small group battles to epic fights.



There are a few new implementations for certain game mechanisms in Icewind Dale. For instance, harvesting and crafting with Black Ice now infuses your gear with special abilities, but only for a certain time.

Player versus player action also gets woven around an actual campaign for the first time ever. You’ll be able to take on daily quests, while fighting friend and foe. Alternatively, you may just be asked to collect resources in competitive areas.

Experience is no longer wasted above level 60. Instead, it will contribute to a separate reward system.

Lastly, dungeon keys will replace time-based dungeon delve events in the Icewind Dale update.