Mass Effect 4 Will Not Be Rushed; BioWare “Doing it Right Over Doing it Fast”

Mass Effect is one of the greatest stories ever told and despite how BioWare ended up with the concluding installment, the franchise still is held dear by many fans. Hence it comes as no surprise that everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of the next Mass Effect title, which though we are labeling as Mass Effect 4, but will have little to do with the last trilogy.

According to BioWare studio director Yanick Roy, who posted a brief update on the development of the game, the studio is currently focused on “doing it right over doing it fast.”

“I apologize for not having any new info on the next Mass Effect for you,” he wrote. “It’s because our focus is on doing it right over doing it fast! :-)”

The new Mass Effect is to be set in a different locality but within the same universe that was established in the original trilogy. Commander Shepard will not be returning and the new protagonist is going to be some one else entirely.

Hopefully at E3 2014 or by the year’s end, BioWare will reveal more details as they progress through the development phase more.

Source: Twitter