Guild Wars 2: Battle for Lions Arch Update Available Today

The Battle for Lions Arch update is going to go live today for Guild Wars 2 and hence finally conclude the year long living world storyline.

A press release from ArenaNet today mentioned how the update will feature the final moments of players who now have to not only decide the fate of the city, but also of all of Tyria.

“Scarlet originally worked behind the scenes through fearsome minions such as the Flame Legion and the Nightmare Court. Players soon recognized her as a threat to all of Tyria as she solidified alliances and attained technology, ultimately commanding a total assault that shattered Lion’s Arch. In “Battle for Lion’s Arch,” players now enter the final moments that decide not just the city’s fate but that of all of Tyria, experiencing the epic climax to a storyline that began more than a year ago.

Players will take on the villainous Scarlet Briar who recently assaulted Lion’s Arch with her minions. The game’s capital city is currently besieged and filled to the brim with Briar’s minions and toxic miasma. The lost city must be taken back and players will have to fight hard to push back Briar who has her mind set for total domination.

The living world storyline has been running for almost a year and so new players might not catch up to the complete story. To help them out, ArenaNet released the Living World Atlas last month. It’s an interactive world map with audio, pictures and video, summarizing the last year-and-a-bit of Guild Wars 2 updates.