GTA V Online The Business Update DLC Available Today

Both the platforms that have Grand Theft Auto 5 will get the game’s latest update today i.e. March 4, 2014. As per the plans, GTA Online The Business Update DLC will go live worldwide and add additional vehicles, airplanes, weapons, clothes and a lot more to the game.

The Business Update will be available in the Xbox Live Marketplace as well as the PlayStation Network. You will be prompted to download and install once you fire up GTA 5.

So what does the update bring for you? We have listed down all the key features, so read on if you are interested.

Ammu-Nation stores will now offer two new weapons namely the Heavy Pistol and the Special Carbine. The two weapons come with intense firepower and can be modified with the standard color schemes as well as attachments that we already know off in GTA 5.

It could be that after months of road racing you have gotten bored of the Asphalt. Say hello to the three latest additions to the list of cars in your garage. The Grotti Trismo R is a car that looks like a mix between Pagani Zonda, LaFerrari and Maclaren’s P1.

Whatever it is, it surely looks sexy!

The other two cars in the list are Albany Alpha and Dinka Jester; both of the cars were fan favorites in San Andreas.

If you think you are done with the car collecting hobby, how about some airplanes? Vestra is the new airplane that Rockstar is adding to the game, you’re going to love it.

There is more to it; you get to drape your character in all sorts of new jackets, shades, formal and informal dresses, heels and blouses and whatnot.

Updating the game will also get you currency themed tattoos to boast your swag. How many of you plan to get GTA Online The Business Update today?