Gabe Newell Reddit AMA Rescheduled for Today

Fans of Gabe Newell were extremely excited for his Reddit AMA which was scheduled for yesterday but didn’t happen. That left a lot of fans disappointed, but hey, the man isn’t going anywhere without answering your questions as the Reddit AMA has been rescheduled for today.

Why the AMA had to be rescheduled? Well, Gabe created a thread in the AMA sub-Reddit but unfortunately, he did not go through the approved Reddit’s channel, and he was also unsuccessful in sticking to the guidelines of the website.

He wasn’t supposed to post anything until at least half an hour before the time he had scheduled. As a result of this, the thread was closed down by the moderators.

The moderators stated that they had tried to reach Gabe Newell via contacts at Valve but haven’t been able to get access to him thus far.

Kotaku on the other hand has confirmed that the AMA was scheduled for today at 2pm Pacific Time to start with.

Don’t worry about the confusion though. Gabe Newell AMA is happening and it is happening TODAY!

If you have questions for Gabe Newell regarding any of the game and their services, now is the time to ask the man himself and get as much information as you can.

Possibly, Half Life 3.