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Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia May be Unveiled at E3

Dishonored when released in 2012 made quite an impact, it was one of the best stealth games to date and was enjoyed by the fans of the genre worldwide.

Now it seems like Dishonored 2 is coming and will be unveiled at E3 2014.

All Games Beta posted an image on their website that shows a possible logo and name for the next installment in the series, the image also contains a message that states “witness full reveal at E3 2014!”

The hashtag at the bottom of the screen suggests that the game will be called Darkness of Tyvia. At the right bottom of the screen, it looks like there is a PlayStation 4 running the game hinting at the possibility that Dishonored 2 would make its way to the next-gen consoles.

There hasn’t even been a little information released about the sequel before, so don’t get your hopes up, this might be a fake image.

Fallout 4 was teased by someone last December and there was a teaser site alongside it “” but in the end, it all proved to be a hoax and it was done to force the studio to announce the game.

If this image is indeed true than players will be visiting a new location Tyvia, which was referenced a few times in the original game. We can just hope that this image is true. The original game was amazing and if this one follows the same path, it could be another great title from the studio.

What do you think of the legitimacy of the image? What changes are you looking forward to in the next game?