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Visual Guide to Titanfall Maps With Top Down Views and Key Landmarks

Any FPS veteran would agree on the importance of the top-down view of the multiplayer maps when it comes to developing a sound strategy to dominate the game. It helps prioritizing not only the key objectives but also outline different approaches to the game.

Titanfall is primarily an FPS, and if you are to dominate your opponents or develop a strategy to secure the key landmarks on the map, you will need the overhead view of the map.

The game offers everything you would want from a first-person shooter with an added twist of Titans. As much as they are scary, they are quite easy to kill if you learn the trick and time your shield to perfection.

Whatever approach you play the game with, you will need a strategy to be a dominant player and that is where this embedded gallery containing the overhead views of all 15 maps will come in handy.

To get started with the game when it launches, you should read our Beginner’s Guide. It will familiarize you with the modes and gameplay mechanics of Titanfall and help you avoid the Titans and kill them when the need be.

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