Twitch Plays Pokemon has Successfully Finished!

This historical gaming experiment consisted of over 50.000 players simultaneously inputting commands to move the Pokemon Red protagonist, has finally reached its end as the players managed to beat the Elite 4 and the Pokemon Champion.

The numbers on this experiment are simply jaw dropping, the stream had an average viewer base between 50,000 and 90,000 people frenetically inputting commands into the chat box, it has around 200,000 followers and it managed to draw in over 36 MILLION unique viewers.

It was constantly on top of other very important streams, including major League of Legends tournaments!

How can tens of thousands of people can control one character in a single player game you ask? Well imagine a spamfest of people writing “up”, “a”, “start” in the chat. It was just pure anarchy but even with all the randomness, it only took them 16 days, 7 hours, 50minutes and 19 seconds to beat the game, almost a total of 400 hours!

Because of all the chaos installed, lots of funny moments that made some players pull their hair out have happened: some of them include the usage of the PC and releasing some major Pokemon including their starter Charmeleon, Digging themselves out of the Team Rocket HQ after beating the boss but not picking up the item (thus making them waste 6 more hours going through the HQ to pick it up), being unable to cross a simple straight forward ledge (YES, A LEDGE…. took them over 6 hours something that could be done in 5 seconds by a single person) and one of the sections of the game, getting to LT Surge and finding out the hidden switches, which was supposedly statistically impossible, was done AT FIRST TRY DUE TO MASSIVE SHEAR LUCK.

But the highlight wasn’t the playthrough itself, it was the massive amount of fanart and memes that came out of it.

Due to the anarchy installed, players made the character do the most random things, including frequently consult his pokedex to check Bulbasaur, or going to his inventory to check the Helix Fossil.  This spawned the religion of the Helix and many many hilarious memes.

The creator has decided that this craze will continue, so a new adventure has begun, this time on Pokemon Crystal. Will it break the records? Be not miss another very exciting (or just weird) journey on the official Twitch channel!

And be sure to check all the hilarious user made content on the Reddit page.