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The Art of Titanfall Book is Must Have For Every Titanfall Fan

Being a FPS veteran, I regard Titanfall is my most anticipated game of 2014. And now that we’re a handful of days away from the official release of the game, it’s getting grueling to wait anymore. But thanks to The Art of Titanfall book, I have something to get by my desires.

Written by Andy McVittie who has previously worked with various publications, the Art of Titanfall gives players a glimpse of what they can expect from Titanfall.

In this art book, players will see get a glance of various locations, vehicles, weapons, and most importantly Titans. Furthermore, each art work provides you with journey of the game via comparison of earlier Titans with that of modern ones.

The book has been divided into four different sections:

  • Titans & Pilots
  • Vehicles, Weapons & Tech
  • Locations
  • Graphics & Modeling

It will take you on an unforgettable journey introducing you to various enemies, characters, and storyline of Titanfall. Each soldier, Titan, and piece of equipment is described briefly so as to provide you a better knowledge about its design and history.

Titanfall Art Book
Along with this, the first section also provides you with an insight about Pilots and characters from Militia and IMC. Creatures like Specters, Grunts, and Marvins which are considered worthless are also presented in great detail with their brief introductions and connection to the lore.

Second section of the book basically covers all weapons and vehicles along with space vehicles. Whether we would be able to ride these vehicles or not remains to be seen but they’re certainly an eye-candy to look at. Other than this, a detailed look at the weapons like Assault Rifles, Smart Pistols, Launchers, and Data Knife, and other pieces of equipment has also been provided.

So far, my favorite part is the third section. You will get to know about 12 different locations of the game and how each one is interlinked with the universe of Titanfall. When we think of them as locations of multiplayer matches, there is a good variety of large and small maps available with all sorts of lines-of-sights.

Art of Titanfall
And finally the last section presents various things that make the world of Titanfall more alive. Things like posters, billboards, and small logos are simply but elegantly designed. You will also get to see a full-fledged Titan character model which many of you will remember from E3 reveal.

The concluding words from the man himself, Vince Zampella made me even more hyped for the game:

There was never a clear path of how this one would come to be, but the result is rooted in the art and artists that built the foundation of our worlds and cemented our universe together.

I would definitely recommend picking this up if you’re a fan of video game art work. The Art of Titanfall clearly defines how an art book should look like!

Those of you who are interested in buying, can pick this up for $34.95 at TitanBooks or Amazon. In addition to this, there is also a limited edition copy which costs you $75 but has only 500 copies available worldwide.

Titanfall is slated to release on March 11, 2014 on Xbox One and PC. The Xbox 360 version will follow after a fortnight.