Microsoft Might Finally Announce Project Spark’s Beta Tomorrow – Stay Tuned

Exciting news for Project Spark fans!

Microsoft will share “exciting news” on Project Spark tomorrow, the official Xbox UK twitter account teased.

Perhaps we’ll finally get a release date for the Xbox One beta? I would really like to see that happening. What are the odds?

If you somehow are not aware yet, Project Spark is a digital canvas which can be used to make games, movies and other experiences. A player can download other user-generated content, remix that content or create content of their own. A player can use the Xbox controller, keyboard and mouse, touch-devices, Kinect and SmartGlass to build experiences.

Kinect can be used to animate models and record audio. The created environments can contain mountains, rivers, and towns. The player can also create events, like inter-character battles. Created Items and objects are able to be shared with other players.

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