Is Hush Villain in Rocksteady’s Batman Game For Xbox One and PS4?

Last week, a Gamestop Employee released an image that could very well be the Logo for the Next Game in the Arkham series developed by Rocksteady studios.

Key information about the game and the plot is currently lacking and Rocksteady has yet to announce the next title on which they have been possibly working on since 2011, but these leaks seem to hint that the announcement isn’t that far off.

Leaked Logo

The leaked image, showing the Batman logo enshrouded in Flames and darkness has aroused much interest as it indicates a new title might be underway.

To further cement the rumors as being grounded in reality, an interesting post was made by a Facebook account owned and operated by Warner Bros. It hinted that Hush might possibly be the main villain in a new Arkham Installment.

As many Arkham City players would know, Hush – the childhood friend of Bruce Wayne turned killer, manages to steal a photo of Bruce Wayne’s face before disappearing without a trace.

Will a conclusion to this story finally be provided in the new installment?

More information is expected to be obtained about a new possible installment in the forthcoming weeks. Batman fans, keep your fingers crossed; the caped crusader’s new adventure might very well be underway in a new addition to this award winning series!

Needless to Say, an announcement is expected to be coming soon as more and more information about the game is released.

For the official post by the page, click the image below:

Hush facebook