Infamous: Second Son Trailer Shows Neon Powers and Explosions

Infamous:Second son; the much-awaited third installment in the “Infamous” series by Sucker punch is nearing release. This new installment that picks up seven years after the events of Infamous 2 in which Cole MacGrath activates the Ray Field Inhibitor (RFI) to destroy a Conduit (super-humans named for their ability to “channel” powers) named John White and cures the Plague.

Players control  Delsin Rowe, a 25-year-old graffiti artist who comes in contact with a Conduit, resulting in the awakening of his own Conduit abilities.

The game, which recently went gold has a new gameplay trailer out. This new trailer showcases some of the new abilities for the anti-hero Delsin amongst the myriad of abilities available in his arsenal.

The highlight is, of course the Neon Ability: which allows the player to dash around and get behind enemies to kill them. It also allows users to wield neno swords and make ranged attacks.

With plenty of explosions and neon projectiles being launched around with sci-fi esque wooshing sounds, the gameplay video brings about a feel of the actual game.

The trailer shows gameplay running at a smooth 30 FPS – the rate to which the game is locked despite the heavy visual happenings and explosions.