Diablo 3: The Patch 2.0 Aftermath

Initially Diablo 3 was released with a varied selection of choices that your class could choose to develop themselves under. However only a select few were viable enough to take your character through the toughest difficulties. What that meant was little flexibility and a player could simply just check online for some broken builds and never fear defeat again. The latest patch changes everything by reworking every single rune/skill to leave almost nothing as useless.

Diablo 3 initially forced players to find loot for themselves through the auction house but with the new patch everything has changed. Though the drop rate for rares has decreased, the overall quality of the gear you get has increased. This makes the auction house largely unnecessary except for the extreme end game which makes it understandable as to why blizzard opted to remove it entirely. Blizzard has also removed trading legendaries by making most of them bind on account

Another huge and vital change is the difficulty, with Diablo 3 now offering 5 difficulty modes with adjustable difficulty sliders. The higher the level on each slider the more experience and gold you get and the higher the drop rate for legendaries. Also, once you reach max level you start getting these things called Paragon levels. Essentially, these give you points across a few categories to spend to diversify your stats a bit. These are shared across characters and you can use these points to boost the stats of new characters you make. You can also respec them at any time.

With the latest patch Blizzard is hoping to get back its main core player-base who stopped playing mid-way. But does the new patch hold interest for that to happen or to attract those circles who ditched the game altogether. If you never liked Diablo 3 initially you may still dislike the game because it is still the same game with just some major quality of life improvements.

The mechanics, combat and overall design are still the same. If you never liked the leveling system and how shallow it was then you may still be disappointed with the game now.

The problem I always had with the game was simply the fact that you were stuck with certain move-sets (your arsenal of skills) that you focused upon; like how lightning and fire wizard were the only decent options. Now there is a lot more variety in choices that can differentiate your character from the rest but I still do not feel compelled with the selection. I simply am looking for a more in depth combat system with a lot more meat behind it, but of course that would have to mean another game entirely.

I say this just to warn people who never liked Diablo 3, I think you may still dislike it but if you already have it then this patch could definitely be enough to warrant you giving it another shot.