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Battlefield 4: Get the First Look at Naval Strike

Posting on the official Battlefield blog a couple of days back, developer DICE gave fans an early look into the game’s upcoming ocean-themed Naval Strike DLC.

The said DLC is going to introduce four new multiplayer maps set in the South China sea, all of which will be heavily based on water-based combat. Alongside that the DLC will feature five new weapons, one new vehicle, 10 new assignments, and the new Carrier Assault game mode

  • Lost Islands Map
  • Nansha Strike Map
  • Wave Breaker Map
  • Operation Mortar Map
  • 5 weapons all-new to Battlefield 4
  • Introducing the amphibious hovercraft vehicle
  • 3GL (3 grenade launcher) attachment for the Assault class
  • Anti-Heli Mine; an aircraft disabling projectile for the Engineer class

“Water-based combat has always been a vital part of the all-out war of Battlefield 4, and with Battlefield 4 Naval Strike the fights at sea are more intense than ever,” said the developer. “With the introduction of the amphibious hovercraft vehicle, your possibilities to dominate the sea will be even greater.”

The Carrier Assault game mode is actually the return of the Titan Mode from Battlefield 2142. As for the maps themselves, they will have players capturing fishing villages across tropical Lost Islands, rampaging through a naval base, navigating through shipping docks, rocky islands and finally waging war across the “largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet”.

Source Battlefield Blog