Vel’Koz Joins League of Legends, Excels in Ranged Combat

Say hello to another menace from The Void: Vel’Koz. The League of Legends champion was initially revealed a couple of weeks ago alongside the League of Legends 4.3 update, but he wasn’t playable at that time.

Now, a post on the official website of the game has announced the champion’s availability along with his Battlecast skin for the price of 1950 RP. Also, if you manage to get your hands on it before the end of this weekend, it will save you 488 RP by costing you only 1462 RP.

In case you are wondering what Vel’Koz packs under its skin, read up on the description that Riot Games detailed when announcing the champion:

Vel’Koz excels at ranged warfare, blasting out Plasma Fission and Void Rift to chunk down distant targets while repelling approaching enemies with Tectonic Disruption.

Repeated attacks build up Deconstruction stacks as Vel’Koz analyzes and learns about his enemies, resulting in significant true damage during sustained fights. Once his subjects are primed, the Eye of the Void unleashes his ultimate, Life Form Disintegration Ray, to vaporize all before him.

The League of Legends update 4.3 is the one that recently brought noticeable changes to Boots of Lucidity, Boots of Mobility and Gold Items along with many others.

In order to read up on the abilities, gameplay, Mid Lane proficiencies and Teamfighting perks of Vel’Koz check out the official website of League of Legends or the Champion Spotlight video above; and then come back down here to share your views.