The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Weekend is Live, Get Your Key

If you didn’t get a chance to roll with your friends in The Elder Scrolls Online beta previously, here’s another chance. ZeniMax Online Studios has brought the beta servers back to live again; and you have until 11.59PM PDT on March 2, 2014 to go out exploring the world once more.

Since the developer doesn’t plan on an open beta, the players that will be able to jin in this time will be a selected few too. ZeniMax sent out beta keys to a number of players recently and apart from letting them play the game, they are also allowing them to invite over one friend of theirs.

The beta invite email that players have received includes a spare key that the user can gift to anyone he wants. He/she won’t be able to give away both keys though, as the primary key is attached to user’s email ID.

Other than this, a number of gaming websites all over the internet are giving away Elder Scrolls Online beta keys – you’re not totally out of luck if you don’t have a generous friend with a spare key! You might want to check out the websites in question and see whether your luck clicks.

It is good that the Elder Scrolls Online beta keys are being given out on such a huge scale, the more populated the test servers are the more practical will the testing be.

After all, one of the major reasons for a beta test is to see how the game works under pressure from thousands of online players.

Did you get your hands on one of The Elder Scrolls Online beta keys?