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The Division Co-op, PvP and Solo Mode Will Not Have Interruption Issues

It has been quite a while since we last heard from Ubisoft Massive on the development of Tom Clancy’s The Division. Luckily, when Massive decided to share more detail about the game it really did justice to our expectations; because we have picked up quite a few interesting tidbits about The Division that we didn’t know before.

For instance, the developer talked about the ‘seamless online integration’ between the different game modes that The Division will have i.e. the Single Player Mode, Co-op play and the PvP mode. They insisted that there will be little or no interruption when you wish to jump between one mode and another.

The game is built around seamless online integration. Going from playing alone, to playing in a group, to playing PvP will all be handled with very little or no interruption.

In the game you will be able to team up with a group of friends in co-op and jump in and jump out at any time. In certain areas, you can also seamlessly engage in PvP and experience dangerous, suspenseful scenarios; but you will be able to play as a group without being exposed to PvP.

Another interesting fact that the developer shared regarding the latest Tom Clancy’s FPS was that the development team has really gone all in for getting their facts straight.

Ubisoft Massive went to consult CIA agents, military, survivalists, doctors and other experts before working on the game’s features.

And, it didn’t end there: some of the members of the development team literally had survival training, so they really know what it is to live in tricky situations without things that we usually take for granted.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is not expected to release any time sooner than 2015 but it is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.