Steam Family Sharing Now Available to All Users

Steam Family Sharing Program, the feature that allows users to share their Steam Library among multiple users and PCs is now out of Beta Phase and available to all Steam users.

Players who share computers can now also share their available libraries with one another, each earning their own achievements and saving their own game progress to the Steam Cloud. It’s all enabled by authorizing shared computers and the familiar accounts that log into them.

This feature will allow 10 devices and 5 user-accounts to access games in their family member’s account. Since the whole program is cloud-based, users need to be online to access the library.

There is, however, one little catch; titles which use CD Keys or require Origin/Uplay Passports are not supported. Furthermore, users won’t be able to play DLC for a title which they already own.

Contrary to the popular belief, the program doesn’t restrict the ability of the account-owner in any way.

If a guest-user is playing a game and the account-owner jumps in to play that very game, the guest-user will receive the options of whether quitting the game or purchase it. Furthermore, two guest-users cannot play same game at the same time.

And lastly, Valve has recommended users to be cautious about sharing their library with random people as various acts of fraud or cheat can be committed.

Check out these FAQs provided by Valve to know more about Steam Family Sharing Program.

If you plan on sharing your library with me, hit me up and I’ll make sure to add you!