Is Rocksteady Planning a New Batman Game Announcement Soon?

This is not the first time that we have heard of a new Batman game alongside the name of Rocksteady Games, the former developer of Batman titles. This time around though, the rumors are a little more compelling; someone at a Gamestop outlet took a picture of new posters that they received and uploaded it.

The picture shows what looks like a new Batman logo. It is actually an improvised version of the Arkham logo but shows the Batman emblem in flames.

If you look closer, it resembles with the logo that was used in Batman Arkham Asylum but the difference is that this logo has the outline colored in orange flames while the Asylum logo showed batman written in orange.

Don’t stop yet, there is more, Kotaku has been tipped off by an unknown Dutch journalist that a group of them were invited to a press conference held by Rocksteady Games.

The journalists have been under an embargo until March which is why they haven’t been able to say anything about the event yet. Rocksteady Games has been the developer behind Batmna Arkham series except the most recent title, Batman Arkham Origins.

Could it be that the comparatively poor performance of Batman Arkham Origins pushed Warner Bros. to call back the former developer to take over the new title?

If we try and connect the dots, a new Batman game from Rocksteady Games seems natural turn of events.