Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal is the Perfect Expansion

Sacrifice of the Vaal is the new expansion pack for Grinding Gear Games’ online action RPG Path of Exile and is set to release on March 5.

The past few weeks have seen to the developer teasing us with minor details of the pack. Today though we have been treated to a full reveal along with a new trailer.

Sacrifice of the Vaal features a new villain called Queen Atziri, who in her quest for eternal beauty plunged the entire Vaal civilization into a “dark age.” It’s unknown as to how, when and where she disappeared to but she’s now back. Unless she is stopped, her corruption will spread across Wraeclast and have it meet a similar fate to that of Vaal’s.

In order to take her down, players will be questing for Vaal fragment pieces that when combined unlocks Atziri’s lair. It goes without saying that before facing Atziri players will have to go through her prime champions who are not going to be easy.

The various new portals will lead players into corrupted areas of Wraeclast, where the expansion pack’s 60 new bosses will be present. According to Grinding Gear Games, every single one of them has its own unique attack patterns. Successfully killing these beasts will reward players with a gold chest that will contain either new Vaal skill gems or Vaal Orbs.

The new gems are “ultimate versions” of original skills and can be charged up along the way. Vaal Orbs on the other hand can corrupt pieces of equipment to make them more powerful. Once you have applied a Vaal Orb to items they can not be modified further. The boosted stats are random and so it’s a high risk, high reward setup.

Sacrifice of the Vaal will also feature a new Ambush League which will offer special items in new containers called strongboxes. While strongboxes will contain high rewards, it will also be guarded by high-level enemies. Only the strongest players are invited to take up the challenge.

All of this paves the way to Atziri’s main dungeon called the Apex of Sacrifice. If you successfully survive the entire ordeal and have gotten hold of treasured equipment, then it’s time to take down the Queen herself. Her dungeon is said to be hardest of all. Upon being confronted Atziri will split herself into four images, summon arcane circles of death, call upon minions that will let her regain her health and other nasty surprises.

Party members that fall at any point during the dungeon cannot be resurrected and will respawn outside of the stronghold. Hence parties get only one shot at this. Grinding Gear Games has promised a very special drop for the first 50 standard league players and first 50 hardcore league players to defeat Atziri.

Path of Exile was always what Diablo III couldn’t be and with Sacrifice of the Vaal, it has gone even a step further.