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Bungie Set to Improve Destiny’s Visual Capabilities; Beta Starting in Coming Months

If you thought Destiny was looking beautiful then think again. Bungie has set its sight to dramatically improve the game’s visual capabilities even further.

The revelation came as part of a weekly update on the development cycle. Bungie was quick to point out that “what you have seen is not even our final form.” It goes without saying that the initial reveal of Destiny blew us all away. The game was looking majestic. I for one can only wonder who much more prettier they can make the game to be upon its release.

Bungie also revealed that it will allow its beta testers to livestream gameplay. Hints of the beta happening in the next two month were also dropped. The testers will also have a chance to become part of the story itself.

“We will do far more than allow you to share your glorious war stories from the frontier,” said Bungie. “We’ll amplify your voices, if they are brave. Some of you will even be selected to play a role in our stories, as we go to war with (and against) our community in the wild for the first time. That will be as glorious a moment for us as it will be for you. Watch this space. We have plans within plans within plans.

“Destiny, after all, is a thing to be shared.”

Hopefully Bungie will share more information regarding the beta in the coming days.

Source Bungie