Xbox One March Update Preview Shows Fix for TV Judder Problem

We have had our fingers crossed while asking for the Xbox One March update to tread better than the one we got prior to it.

Microsoft has allowed some of the Xbox Live members to test the update before it is released, and recently people started sharing their previews on the patch.

Good news is, there won’t – hopefully – be any juddering when you watch TV using the console after Xbox One March update has been installed. This is so because recently journalist Tom Warren shared screenshots of his console over Twitter showing that there was a fix for the 50Hz/60Hz TV judder issue in the update.

Previously, multiple European users faced problems because the Xbox One played television on 60Hz as it is in US, while on the other hand, European TVs have a 50Hz output. This problem will be solved with the upcoming update as Microsoft has added an option to enable a 50Hz TV output.

Other images shared by the same person show that the Xbox One controller will get a firmware update. There are no more details to share for now of course, but we will hopefully get more information from Microsoft soon.

If you would remember, the Xbox One February update had caused a bit of a trouble for the Titanfall beta players; while fixing some of the bugs it created new ones.

The Xbox One March update is supposed to go live on March 4 and is expected to facilitate the release of Titanfall. Other than this, the update is going to build on the social features of the console.