Valve’s Virtual Reality Kit is “Lightyears Ahead” of Oculus

An Iridium Studios developer recently tried out Valve’s Virtual Reality headset device and was awestruck with its magnificence.

In his detailed report the developer, who on NeoGAF goes by the name of Feep, stated that Valve’s technology is “lightyears” ahead of the original Oculus Rift device.

Having tested the kit out across a series of 15 different demos, the developer revealed that Resolution was “no longer really a significant issue.” In fact thanks to a shiny 1080p display, the screen-door effect – in which the lines between projected pixels become visible – was rendered “almost completely negligible”. Additionally the kit showcased tremendously low latency levels.

“The display ran at a blistering 95 Hz, and the pixels only flash for approximately 20% of that 10.52 ms refresh time,” he wrote. “You don’t notice any flickering or lack of brightness, and the plus side is that ghosting and smearing were drastically reduced. Not *completely* eliminated, mind you.”

Unfortunately for the market, Valve has no intention of selling the device commercially. According to Feep, the company intends to use it internally to make Steam the “go to” place for VR experiences.

“Steam is fully supporting VR as a standard library, and they have a vested interest in making their marketplace the “go to” place for VR experiences,” he wrote on NeoGAF.

At the end of the report Feep explained that there are many obstacles that Valve’s VR team have already conquered. The technology at hand has “literally infinite” uses. “This is the future,” he said when signing off.

Source NeoGAF