There May Not Be Titanfall Season Pass But Definitely No Online Pass

We have been following every source of information on Titanfall, and recently we picked up word that there won’t be a Titanfall Season Pass. This has been refuted by a tweet on the official Twitter profile of the game.

Recently, someone asked Respawn whether there will be a Titanfall Season Pass or not through a tweet. The reply was quite unexpected as they said there won’t be any. This was later clarified by the same Twitter profile in another tweet where they claimed that there had been confusion.

The latest tweet states that what they were talking about was an Online Pass. It has now been confirmed that Titanfall will not have an Online Pass but they don’t have any information to share in regards to the Titanfall Season Pass.

Questions have been raised whether Titanfall will follow the same pattern of DLC packs as other AAA first person shooters or not. The fact that they are not ready to announce the nonexistent Titanfall Season Pass does hint that there will be a series of DLC as per the tradition.

We have also known that there will be no micro-transactions model in the game which I think, personally speaking, is a good pick.

Apart from the Titanfall Season Pass, what other features would you want Respawn Entertainment to offer you when the game releases on March 11 in North America?