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Halo 4 Gets Two New Game Modes: Rumble Swords and Medal Madness

Halo 4 Multiplayer
If there is news in the air regarding the next Halo game, it doesn’t mean you would stop paying attention to what is going on in the Halo 4 world. The developer 343 Industries is certainly not letting that happen as they recently announced a couple of Halo 4 new game modes.

Come Monday, March 3 the game will get two new game modes, Rumble Swords and Medal Madness through the latest matchmaking update.

The first one, Rumble Swords has been approved for addition to Halo 4 after a community based voting. The game type will be added to Rumble Pit where people will be able to “do a bit of slicing and dicing” and “rack up some kills for your Energy Sword weapon commendation.”

Medal Madness, the other game type is a 4 vs. 4 Halo 4 War Games based mode. Multiplayer Designer TTL Laskan explained that it will be a race for collecting a certain medal as much as you can in one minute. Each one minute period will be called a semi-round and there will be plenty of them.

Winning one semi-round will get you one point and in order to rise as a victor, your team will have to earn seven points before anyone else. He further explained how the rounds will work saying:

“we dynamically shift player traits as the new mini-rounds begin, and there are no breaks in the action (as opposed to actual round-based game types). As a quick example, when the Double Kill medal is the goal, the rules of the game mirror SWAT – you’ll immediately have no shields, no radar, and a Battle Rifle will pop into each player’s hand. Headshots galore!”

So what do you think about the Halo 4 new game modes?