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News About Next Halo Game Coming at E3, Will it be Halo 5?

We know everyone is eager to get word out of Microsoft or 343 Industries regarding Halo 5, or whatever it is that they will decide to call the next Halo game. However, it is completely up to them to decide when they want to drop the veil on it, and apparently there is nothing that they will let loose before this year’s E3 conference.

Phil Spencer, the Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios has tweeted, again, that Halo news will be out at E3 and that the developer has ‘a great plan in place’ for the upcoming game.

This is not the first time when someone at Microsoft has assured us that an announcement bearing news regarding the next Halo game will come out at E3 2014. Also, the last time this news came out was through the Phil Spencer’s twitter account as well.

The point worth noting in all this is that both the times that Spencer has said this, he didn’t use the name Halo 5; all he has said is that news regarding the next Halo game will be announced at E3 2014.

Knowing which Halo game are they talking about here is important because previously there have been contradicting reports from people whose word would usually be somewhat reliable. For example, Voice actor for Master Chief, Steve Downes insisted that Halo 5 won’t come out before 2015 but Halo 2 Anniversary Edition will and later OXM reported that Halo 5 will come out in 2014.

We certainly hope that the next Halo game they are talking about is actually Halo 5.