Killzone: Shadow Fall is Free for the Next Week, No PS Plus Membership Required

Sony continues to please its consumer base with freebies by offering Guerrilla Games’ recent action game Killzone: Shadow Fall for free for a week.

Beginning March 4, all PlayStation 4 owners can download the latest installment in the Killzone franchise and play to their heart’s content for the full week. While the PS4 requires a mandatory PlayStation Plus subscription to play online, for the next week Sony is pulling down that requirement for the game alone.

However, access will only be granted to the multiplayer component of the game and players won’t be able to play the game’s single-player mode during this time.

The free week offer is also coinciding with the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall’s first free map pack that will allow those yet to purchase a copy of the game to experience the latest maps from Guerrilla Games. Additionally everyone will be able to take part in a new set of community challenges.

The free week will span from March 4 to 11. Killzone: Shadow Fall has so far sold over 2 million copies.

The game is visually stunning but due to its linearity received average but good reviews. Those expecting the game to clean sweep the review scores with high figures were disappointed.