EverQuest Next Landmark Grappling Hook Introduced in New Video

Every now and then we get tired of just walking to where we have to go, and it could get particularly ordinary especially when we are in a world as large as EverQuest Next Landmark. Enter Grappling Hook: a rather unconventional method of travelling in the game.

SOE has released a new video showing off the character hanging down from building and mountains with a single hand; you also get to jump off from place to place and then hook yourself Batman-style.

Looking at the video above, you will see how the feature can come in handy while playing an MMO. There could be times where you would get stuck because all you can do is walk or run. Not with EverQuest Next Landmark though, the game lets you climb, dive and now grapple!

The world building MMO is currently in a closed alpha phase. Previously, it was supposed to be released on PC only but in January it was announced that the game will get a PlayStation 4 version too.

The release of EverQuest Next Landmark is expected to be sometime in 2015. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think.