Deadfall Adventures Trap-Filled Multiplayer Is Free On Steam This Weekend

This week’s free weekend on Steam is the ill-fated Deadfall Adventures from publisher Nordic Games. It’s up for download right now and sets you back about 6Gb of space.

You’ll be able to partake in the game’s multiplayer mode, outside of the much less inviting singleplayer game with corny story and dialog. Seriously, the multiplayer is exactly what you want from Deadfall Adventures.

In the game, you play a traditional shooter, but with the adventuring spirit in mind. As such, levels are filled with nasty traps to unlock.

Pitfalls differ from statues suddenly shooting fire to poison darts coming from the wall or blocks squishing anyone underneath. These things are activated by players that can press a nearby button to trick opponents.

There are several game modes outside of just deathmatch and such, but nothing out of the ordinary. More so, you’ll be trying to navigate the maps with these dangers always in mind.

What really sets the multiplayer aspect apart from its peers, however, is the expertise from the developer The Farm 51 in shooters, which gets translated to level design. Maps are beautifully crafted and rich in detail, but they also encourage tactical insight.

Any given map has multiple tiers of access, with vantage points, backdoors and perilous crow’s nests for those who know where to look. It makes every round a frantic search for looming enemies, coming from all sides.

During its launch period, Deadfall Adventures suffered from high player disinterest, leading to the multiplayer component never taking off. This decision to let you sample the thing for free is exactly what it needs to get a boost.

Maps are interesting to play, but they need people, since they are indeed quite large. Hopefully, the Steam free weekend will surge sales figures for Deadfall Adventures.