Counter Strike: Global Offensive Patch Notes Released by Valve

It has been a year and a half since Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released by Valve but there still are people who haven’t had enough of the game. For those undying fans, Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve have released update

If you have been following the game you would like to check up on the patch notes that have been released only recently on the CSGO-Servers. Now on, Molotov will have the same collision bounds like the other grenades and you will not be spawning outside the map while in a Deathmatch.

Those are just the highlights of the complete list of patch notes, check them out below:


  • Fixed the molotov not having the same collision bounds as the rest of the grenades.
  • Fixed some grenades allowing visibility through them when they shouldn’t and vice versa – this fixes bugs like seeing players through smoke volumes.
  • Increased radarvispow from 0.2 to 0.4.
  • Fixed icons on the radar not fading out properly when they should have.


  • Fixed frequent connection errors when starting private casual matches with friends on a local server.
  • With sv_grenade_trajectory on, the debug overlay boxes now reflect the size of the grenades bounds when they collide and bounce.
  • Added an option to the options menu to use raw number keys or weapon binds for selecting players when spectating and voting for maps at round end (spec_usenumberkeys_nobinds, defaults to 1).


  • GOTV watch requests for matches with significant number of spectators will always get directed to GOTV relays.
  • Added convar host_name_store to indicate whether host name is revealed in queries and GOTV. Host name is always printed in status command output.
  • Added convar host_info_show, operators can set it to the following values: 0 to block server info queries; 1 (default) to respond with all details excluding identities; 2 to respond with all available details.
  • Added convar host_players_show, operators can set it to the following values: 0 to block server players queries; 1 (default) to respond only with max players and uptime; 2 to respond with all players details.
  • Server operators can now list game rules cvars in gamerulescvars.txt file, those cvars when marked as FCVAR_NOTIFY will be included in A2S_RULES response packet to server management software and 3rd party clients. The total size of A2S_RULES response packet must be within approximately 1Kb (MTU). File gamerulescvars.txt.example is provided.
  • When a server is running with the -nomaster parameter, it will not register on GMS and will not respond to direct queries.


  • CS_Downtown: Fixed bug where players could spawn outside of map in Deathmatch
  • DE_Favela: Fixed exploits where players could get out of map, various other polish
  • DE_Inferno: Fixed exploit where players could see through roof near Bombsite A balcony

How many of you still pass your time playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive?