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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Boss Guide With Tips and Strategy

To stop Satan and his plans to overthrow the humanity into despair and darkness, you must defeat his subordinates on Earth.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Boss Battles

Bosses in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 not only include Satan’s Acolytes but also, several other creatures from the past.

These bosses can be really frustrating at times and some of them require special skills or weapons to kill them. But these weapons and skills are automatically obtained with the course of game.

I have provided a few tips on how to defeat these bosses without grinding too much.

The Golden Paladin
Paladin can be really frustrating if you’re not familiar with the core mechanics of the game. At this point of the game, Shadow Whip and Void Sword are your best weapons.

I would recommend using Shadow Whip most of the times and switch to Void Sword if you need to replenish your health.

The unblock-able attacks of Paladin comprises of two continuous attacks which can be dodged pretty easily. At times, he will get away from the fight and execute two types of attacks. Judging from his hands’ movements, these attacks can either be dodged or evaded by jumping.

Dodge these attacks and keep on hitting him with your Shadow Whip to win this fight.

Stone Golem
Just as the fight starts, continue to hit him with your Shadow Whip. At this point, he will most probably use his Stomp Attack which can be dodged by jumping.

Don’t forget to slash him with your Void Sword if you run low on health. At times, he will charge at you which can be evaded by dodging to any direction.

After you have hit him enough, he will enter a downed state. Run up to him and after a cinematic, the boss will enter the second stage.

Once again, keep on following the process mentioned in first paragraph. In this stage, Golem will also execute an unblock-able attack which can be evaded by multiple dodge movements.

There are a bunch of other attacks at Golem disposal like slamming the land, laser, and freezing. But these should not be a problem as they can be evaded easily.

Deal enough damage and he will enter a downed state again. Run up to him and start attacking him. You will also enter a button-mashing sequence. Complete it successfully and you will win this boss fight.

Raisa Volkova Part-I
As soon as the battle commences, jump into the air so that you avoid the slashing attack. She will disappear for a while, in this time, activate the Void Sword and throw in a Void Projection to freeze her. After this, run up to her and begin attacking.

After you have frozen her, she will begin fighting normally.

Take out your Shadow Whip and attack her like you normally would. Her unblock-able attack is very easy to dodge but you would want to get behind her for additional damage.

When you have depleted her health to 75%, she will ram her hands on the ground and throw electricity at you. This attack can be avoided by jumping into the air. She will also try to grab you which can be evaded by pressing the jump button.

Once you have done enough damage, she will again begin dashing around. Use Void Projection to freeze her and keep on repeating the process for a quick win.

Since the Gorgon has three heads, it is advisable that you pay heed to one head at a time. You will have to use your Shadow Whip and jump up to attack its head. When this creature sweeps its hand on the floor, use your jump attack to avoid damage.

Most of the attacks which the Gorgon will use can easily be avoided by staying in the air.

Once you have done enough damage, you will enter a quick-time event. Use your Void Projection to freeze the arm and then switch to Chaos Claws to break the armor. Climb up and destroy the first head.

When it comes to the second head, the same process as above is opted but you will have to avoid the green symbols on land.

When the Gorgon is left with only one head, it will start covering almost half of the area with fire which can be dodged. It will also throw in a line of fire which can be avoided by well-timed dodge movements.

Once you have destroyed all the heads, the boss battle will end.

Carmilla has held Marie captive to witness the battle between you and her. As soon as the battle begins, you will see steel rods around Carmilla which can be broken by using Chaos Claws.

Prior to executing her attacks, she will speak up something. Her first attack can be dodged by jumping. As for her unblock-able attack, it can be avoided by backing away from her then closing in for a few hits.

Once you have completely destroyed the steel bars, she will regain them again and summon two enemies.

Finishing off the enemies is not a priority and you can keep on hitting Carmilla with Chaos Magic to destroy those bars. In case you run out of Chaos Magic, use those two creatures to your advantage and regain it.

Once the steel bars are completely destroyed, reach up to her to attack her while continuously dodging her lightening attacks. She will also start dashing at a point which can be interrupted by using Void Projection.

After this phase, Carmilla will create various clones of her which are way too easy to kill.

Once you have gotten rid of the clones, keep on hitting Carmilla to watch a cut-scene. After the cut-scene, head into Marie’s cage and drink her blood. Use your Mist to get out of cage and start hitting Carmilla.

You will have to dodge her two attacks in a much faster way. Successfully doing it will end Carmilla.

Raisa Volkova Part-II
Raisa Volkova is angry for what you did to her and it shows in this battle.

During this battle, she uses a wide arsenal of attacks against you. Your best bet is to have a safe distance and keep on attacking her with the Shadow Whip.

Only charge in when you’re running low on health.

Volkova has a mixture of close-ranged, medium-ranged, and unblock-able attacks. Staying away from her will save you from close-ranged attacks. When it comes to medium-ranged attacks, you should dodge in any direction to avoid damage.

You will know when she will use a medium-ranged attack by noticing her wincing.

During her unblock-able attack, she will smash her tongue on the ground. You can either evade this attack in the backward direction or sideways to avoid this attack.

She will also leap in the air and throw in projectiles. To avoid these, you must continuously evade these attacks and then charge in to finish her off.

The battle with Agreus is short and quick one. He has two weapons at his disposal; a long spear and two scimitars. The boss will keep on switching between these two weapons throughout the course of battle.

Make sure that you don’t get hit by the spear or you will enter a quick-time event and take considerable damage.

When he switches to two scimitars, you must stay in the middle ground (right in front of him) to avoid circular attacks. And once you have evaded the circular attacks, dodge to either left or right to avoid damage.

Also, note that he will block most of your attacks and using Chaos Claws to break the defense won’t help in any way. Just keep on using your Shadow Whip mixed with dodging every now and then. Follow these tips and you will take down Agreus in no time.

Toy Maker
The battle with Toy Maker is divided into different section with Toy Maker appearing at different intervals. Firstly, you will have to take out Toy Maker’s marionette. It has pretty straightforward attacks which can be evaded by jumping and dodging.

Once you have taken the first marionette out, the Toy Maker will appear. It is not advisable to stay close to Toy Maker at all! Keep your distance and deal damage with aerial attacks.

He will often ram his fists on the ground which will create a shockwave. These shockwaves can be evaded easily and he will soon call in his second puppet.

The second puppet which is a snake uses four types of attacks which are also very easy to avoid. These attacks are fire-breathing attacks, shockwave, spinners, and tail-spin. The Toy Maker’s voice will give you hints about on-coming attacks so it is pretty easy to avoid them.

Once you have defeated the snake, the Toy Maker will appear again. The whole fight at this phase is identical to the first phase. Keep on executing aerial attacks and the Toy Maker will start fight on legs. Keep on attacking him and it shouldn’t take long to annihilate him.

This battle is once again is pretty simple fight; especially if you’re full on Void and Chaos damage. I won’t even call it an actual boss fight. Abaddon has a few attacks under the belt.

The linear attacks can be dodged in any direction and stomping attacks can be avoided by jumping into the air. As for attacking, you can either use your Shadow Whip to target the chest or use Chaos Projections.

Ignore the enemies nearby and keep your focus on Abaddon. And if you run out of Magic, the small creatures will always be there.

Victor Belmont
This is one of my most favorite battles in the game. Victor can easily be destroyed using Shadow Whip. Also, a well-timed block will provide you with a huge advantage over him.

But note that since he is also a Belmont, he will also perfectly guard most of your attacks. If he guards your attacks, either jump back or dodge to avoid the incoming stream of attacks.

He will also raise high in the air to cause a stomping attack which can be avoided by jumping. The most powerful attack at Victor’s disposal is Silver Projectile which comprises of two attacks.

The first portion can be avoided by either jumping or evading. As for the second one, it’s pretty hard to miss.

Once you have dropped a good amount of his health, he will grow in size. At this point, you should stop worrying about him and start focusing on the large stones in front of you.

Destroy all these stones and Victor will come back to his original size. After this, you will enter a quick-time event and the battle will end.

Inner Dracula
This is the battle against your own dark-self. Most of the fight includes dodging a few linear attacks and charging at different intervals. Using the Shadow Whip is your best bet during this battle.

Inner Dracula’s unblock-able attack comes in after two consecutive linear attacks which can only be avoided by jumping. And then he also has a shockwave attack which is also very easy to evade.

In the second phase of the fight, you just want to avoid the life-sucking move of Dracula and it should all be good. He will also cast of a track of blood that will follow you around and does significant amount of damage. Furthermore, in this phase, he executes four continuous attacks which are pretty hard to dodge.

At the very end, the Inner Dracula will take a huge form and you must defeat it to complete this boss fight.

Riders of the Storm (The Second Acolyte)
It doesn’t matter which enemy you attack first, they will die in a specific order. It is advisable that you keep on attacking anyone of these while keeping a safe distance.

The first enemy dies pretty quickly and you should divert your attention to the one holding the lance. He is pretty swift with his attack movements and jumping is the only way to avoid these attacks.

In order to beat him, keep a safe distance and keep on attacking him with the Shadow Whip. As for his vertical attacks, they can be dodged by moving in any direction.

He will also throw in a tornado towards you which deals a lot of damage. The best way to avoid it is to rush towards the Lancer. Keep on attacking him and soon you will take him out.

The log-holding fat enemy uses a log sweep at close-range which cannot be blocked. He will also smash this log on ground creating a shockwave. Almost all of his attacks have a very decent vertical range so you may want to avoid jumping around.

Damage him enough and he will get to a downed state. Reach up to him while dodging your way to avoid the incoming linear lightening attacks. Once you reach him, a cut-scene will begin and after a quick-time event, the boss fight will end.

As soon as the battle begins, start attacking Zobek using your Shadow Whip. His linear attacks have a decent long-range so make sure to avoid them. Once you have depleted a portion of his HP, he will summon skeletons to the battle.

These skeletons can be a real pain and you should use your Chaos Projectiles to target the statues above (Just like Grappling Points in Batman Games). However, if you’re running low on Magic, you use these enemies to fill it up. Once you take out the statues, the enemies will also disappear.

When the battle re-commences, Zobek will come in with a couple of new attacks. One of his linear attacks can be evaded by dodging while the other attack covers the whole area and the only way to evade is by jumping. He will also throw in a green gleam which will follow you around.

Deplete a portion of his HP and he will summon the dead corpses again. At once, use your Chaos Magic to destroy the statues and the enemies on ground.

At this point, you will see that Zobek will have bars around him. Use your Mist Power to get inside which will trigger a cut-scene and the boss fight will end.

Satan will take control of Alucard in this final boss fight of the game. Keep on attacking Alucard until you hear him begging for mercy. At this point, he will execute a pair of attack which can be avoided.

You will be provided with enough time to reach Alucard and execute your most powerful attacks. He will also disappear in the dark, at times. At this point, keep on dodging until you see him again.

Once you have damaged him enough, he will launch into the air and throw in several projectiles. At this point, you should be at move at all costs. These projectiles from sky will do a lot of damage so don’t get caught in these things.

Once he touches the ground again, keep on repeating the aforementioned process. Alucard will jump up two or three times before dying. Reach him to trigger a cut-scene and complete the game.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!